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The Erbenizer Magazine

The Erbenizer Magazine founded by Sachira Fernando & Yasin Nimaladasa as a blog which they created just for fun, and ultimately turned it in to an ONLINE WEBZINE which was the 1st ever WEBZINE to hit Sri Lankan online arena. Started off with a free domain they signed up for erbenizer.co.cc and was hosted on a free web hosting service called 000webhost.com. Start up team consisted of 5 dynamic individuals, Dilshan Kottegoda, Imasha Fernando, Suchintha Maddumarachchi, Dinusha Samithasiri & Sandani Abeywardena.


One Year Later

The Erbenizer Magazine did a revolution in the digital media industry in Sri Lanka, where they became the No. 1 WEBZINE in Colombo and Suburbs, with a staggering 5000+ unique visitors a day and ranking as the 11th most visited site in Sri Lanka(According to Alexa). With this success they moved in to web advertising via digital media and social networks where they were partnered with over 100 companies for their ONLINE advertising needs.

Skills Developed

By the time The Erbenizer had grown in to a team of 14 dynamic individuals carrying various talents & ideas. WordPress was the platform used for the webzine and technically there were a few modifications done to the core of it in order to optimize the site. Also mastering SEO techniques was an added advantage as they were expecting competition from a similar product.


Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

As the ONLINE WEBZINE continued, we felt the need of powerful servers and knowledge to improve the user experience of the site. Moved the website in to a VPS server and used a PHPframework(Codeignitor) to develop its home page, but the posts were saved as WordPress blog posts where they were invoked as per the users request. Came up with a beautiful user interface which was nominated for the UI of the week by AWWARDS INC.


Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It

Virtual Company became a physical reality when Sachira Fernando, the founder of Erbenlabs started a physical office utilizing his bedroom as the office space. Essentially it was him alone who did the work and eventually started hiring freelances from India, Indonesia to keep up with the demand. Erbenlabs website was launched and was a fully functioning BPO with 100+ customers.


From Bed Room to a Work Place

Erbenlabs was renamed as Erbenlab, dropped the “S” and decided to focus mobility. Started with 2 permanent employees, Ajith Prasanna & Kelum Anthony on 28th of April at No. 10 Francisco Place, Moratuwa. Company’s sole focus was in to Mobile Application Development and Mobility related technologies.


Mobility to Internet of Things

Erbenlab H.Q. (Pvt) Ltd has become the leading Mobile App Development firm in Sri Lanka, they also launched their first Cloud Software project “Cense Cloud” which is the next step of the company. Erbenlab becomes the first company in Sri Lanka to deliver a software product which caters to “Internet Of Things”. Already having its branches in World Trade Centre(Sri Lanka) and India(Goa), planning to open its branch in Africa this year. Erbenlab wants to make it mark in the internation arena and become the Pride of Sri Lanka in the coming years!!

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Sachira Fernando

Sachira Fernando

CEO, Founder

Sachira Fernando is known for his remarkable software engineering & entrepreneurial skills and also for his multifaceted skill set with Computers. Learnt the “BASIC” language at the age of 9 and developed his first software at the age of 10. After getting to know, Java(High-level languages) and got quite obsessed with it he was so keen on building software which will solve day to day human problems, which included An Organizer, A Math Game and a Web based Q&A portal. As soon as he got his hands on PHP, a scripting language, at the age of 17 he built “Erbenizer”, Sri Lanka’s 1st ever online magazine and dedicated his life to exploring web based technologies and building solutions which would enhance user experience. As his vision grew, he started his own company at the age of 19, Erbenlabs and focussed on customizing existing software and systems and adding new components to them to optimize their current processes, where he had to deal with almost all the programming languages and technologies in the world. Through this journey, being obsessed with mobile related technologies and operating systems, he developed his 1st mobile app for a client of Erbenlab. Hence, Erbenlab, the leading mobile software company was born. Today Erbenlab is led by Sachira Fernando with a set of like-minded people.

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