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Android, the open-source mobile operating system, has enthralled the whole world. Today, a huge number of smartphones & tablets are running on this Google’s mobile platform. Businesses and industries seem to be influenced a lot by Android and applications based on this platform. They are exploring more opportunities with Android application development.

Erbenlab unleashes the power of Android and deploys professionally devised, world-class mobile solutions for almost all business verticals. As a leading Android application development company, Erbenlab has been offering a qualitative range of Android app development solutions to businesses around the world for more than half a decade. With proven expertise and well-refined skills, we at Erbenlab are able to offer bespoke Android apps development services that ensure upmost level of satisfaction in every mobile software venture. We are able to harness the maximum potential of Android SDK platform. Our expert programmers make use of a wide range of Android development tools & technologies to turn an idea into a real product.

At Erbenlab our team of technically sound experts propels all our services. They possess world-class, time-tested skills in mobile application development by the use of the Android platform. All our programmers are able to build scalable Android mobile applications and port them to different platforms. Android application development gives businesses a way to easily reach the prospects.

With a dedicatedly designed Android app, our client’s business always has an edge over competitors. Because Android is a powerful operating system for mobile, tablet and other sorts of handheld devices, it offers an excellent platform to convert an idea into reality. With the support of Android app developers like us, success can be expected in every app venture. The best way to derive a functional and performance-driven Android app is you outsource the project to Sri Lankan Android app developers. Here in Sri Lanka, we are one of the prime Android development companies with a pool of dedicated developers and designers. Together with our team, we are able to conceive and conclude all sorts of Android apps.

What can we build for you using Android?

M-Commerce, shopping, goods buying and purchasing apps

Banking and finance management apps

Entertainment, gaming, streaming music and video apps

News, information, local search, online magazine apps

Location, direction, GPS tracking, road maps apps

Social, friendship, dating, matrimonial apps

Productivity, field force automation, CRM, utility, device security & enhancement apps

Sports, online gaming, table and field gaming apps

and more..

Consider Erbenlab has mastered in given Android apps. Our solutions and services are mature enough to fulfill the needs of your user-base in the smartest manner. Erbenlab is a registered Google Play Developer. Our experts deeply understand the nerve of Android ecosystem and can help and provide consultation on Android app designing, development and deployment process.

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Why Us

  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Development concluded by experienced android developers.
  • Precisely, interactively devised user-friendly apps.
  • Securing the source code by signing non-disclosure agreement.
  • In-depth application testing
  • App supporting multiple devices in Android ecosystem.
  • Designed with user’s viewpoint.
  • Timely implementation of the app on Google Play store
  • Cost-efficient Android application development solutions

High level of confidentiality with respect to your idea

The secrecy of an idea is everything and thus we are always ready to sign any non-disclosure agreement with our client. It naturally means that you hire us as a developer and the ownership of the source-code wholly belongs to you only.

If you are looking for any sort of consultation, solution, service and product for Android, contact one of your executives at +94 112 642704 or drop your enquiry on We are working round the clock to help our clients with suitable solutions.

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